With over 100 Years of Trading Time Combined, our Training Team offers the Most Intense Training for Trading on The Forex Markets.

The Training is based of 3 Major Principles:

1. Accountability & Persistence Discipline. In order to have a mindset of a Successful Trader one has to stay accountable to himself and be persistent to reach the goals daily, weekly, monthly, with all emotions aside. Within 30 days this habits will be intensively practised with accountability over the phone.

2. Real Money Trading While Learning. Any Successful Trader will tell You that You will only learn while trading with real money, to control the emotions, to feel them, understand them, and face them.

3. Enjoying Life and Being Grateful. Staying Focused and Enjoying Life is another challenge after Reaching New Highs for many Traders. Loosing the mind and everything whats really important for you. It is as easy as making new Trades.
We believe that it's important to Balance material Success with Meditative Practises.
We will Advise you on how and when is best way to Start Balancing.

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